Monday, December 5, 2011

Only You and me

Sometime we use this monologue, just like what stated below...

I do these thing and those thing but why they never appreciate me?
I cannot stand anymore with all these things, no body understand me!
Why not me get the post? Why I keep doing these simple thing? I am not too good, 
I was nothing, useless and bla bla bla... 

We keep think negative and never try to understand from the positive side. Now I wanna ask myself to think like this :- 

“When we do something good, please hope nobody will see because enough only ALLAH and me know. When we do something bad, please hope somebody will see and tell me this wrong and show me the right way. ”

I write this article with all my heart as an advice especially for myself and generally for all of you.

YOU and Me

Maybe it is easy to do something and get some appreciation from somebody. 
Maybe it is normal to do something that we choose because we love it.
But maybe it is too good to do something only because of HIM...

If we choose for anything we do in this world because of Allah, then we will never feel lonely, useless, hopeless, and so on... we will be a better person for every seconds..
No matter who see what i have done for ummah, for islam, for all the kindness as long as YOU know.. Allahuakbar!

We got so many things to do for ummah, so please try to be honest and sincere with ourselves first. Learn to see from positive side and love ourselves. We are the best creation of HIM. From now on, never mind what others think as long as ALLAH knows we are at the right path.

InsyaAllah, we will more appreciate what happened to us after this! 

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