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901 - Special Dedication for DSAI and all supporter!

Assalamualaikum, semoga semua dalam nikmat Iman dan Islam.

Artikel ini saya keluarkan khas bersempena perhimpunan 901 akan datang tidak lama lagi. 

Special dedication for DSAI, seorang pejuang kebenaran insyaAllah.

Thanks for Asriani Karim cause introduce me this lovely book. 

Written by Ziauddin Sardar

This book is written by Ziauddin Sardar and he dedicates one part of this book special for

Malaysia. He is one of islamic intellectual thinkers and he was appointed as DSAI's adviser 

when he was Vice PM before. Most of the contains of this part come from his experience 

as Anwar's adviser. Below is one statement of this book about what had happen about 

DSAI's case. 


Malaysia and Granada

Through this book, Sardar has stated how DSAI always plan and dream to make Malaysia in context of Granada. As we know some times ago, Granada was an Intellectual city produced lots of Islamic thinkers and intellects such as Ibnu Khaldun, Ibnu Sina, Ibnu Rusydi and many more. This is what DSAI wants to do for our Malaysia, as he always said to Sardar.

" We lack of thinker and intellects "

Spanish historians of today speak of experiments in "convivencia" - live and let live, a harmonious and enriching way of living together which lasted around eight hundreds years - as the main characteristic of Muslim Spain. In his (DSAI) view, what made convivencia such a dazzling success, and proplled it for so long, was the intellectual climate it generated and sustained. Then, he comes with a question...  

" Do you think we can generate such an intellectual climate in Malaysia? "

" There are today in Asia, he said. Progressive trends and retrogressive counter-currents. Reactionary elements have their horns locked with ardent advocates of democracy and civil society. We need thinkers who can argue with conviction for pluralism and open society from the perspective of Islam. We need these people to lay the foundation for an intellectual convivencia. "

Then, all the team ijmalis were working so hardly to full fill the dream to make the new Malaysia. Every day, they will discuss and come out with project papers in order to create a reborn Granada. Until one day, they got call from Naseef, Saudi Arabiya.

They want to give 5 millions pounds to the Sardar in order to create the intellectual environment but all the ijmalis decided not to accept the gift. However, DSAI then call all his adviser because of Saudi Arabiya adamant to give the money. Finally, they accept it and fly to jeddah for detail discussion. The Sheikh said,

" This money is for you to use as you wish to support your intellectual activities. Like Brother Anwar, we too would like to see a new intellectual renaissance in the Muslim world. "

Malaysia would once again become the fulcrum of connections by which Islam could be brought into the mainstream of world culture;it would pave the way for Muslim countries to follow. It had the preconditions, like Muslim Spain, to genuinely appreciate the alterity of others, and develop fluid nations of identity. And if five decades of so-called 'development' had taught us anything, it was self-evident that economic strength would be an essential factor in making Malaysia a model for other countries. And if Anwar remained uncloned, he was still the coming man moving nearer and nearer the centre of power.

New Malaysia like Granada only just a Dream

Who know what will happen in future? The political atmosphere was turning just as foul. Mahathir, as PM that time was undisputed and had begun to see in his deputy and protege, Anwar Ibrahim, a major threat to the dispensation of his authority. Since DSAI becoming Finance Minister, 1992, DSAI had consistently made speeches calling for corporate responsibility, and an end to corruption and complacency. He was the Cabinet Minister responsible for the Anti-Corruption Agency, a job he took seriously and worked vigorously. Not suprisingly, Dr.M as well as his coterie of arrogant fat-cat cronies became disdainful of Anwar. 

When, in 1997, the Malaysian economy succumbed, along with Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea, to the Asian economic crisis that sent their currencies and stocks markets into free fall, the knives were unsheathed. After the economic collapse, the political differences between Anwar and Mahathir came out into the light and turned into open warfare. This was no fight just for authority, for control and direction of economic policy. It was a fight for the future and very soul of Malaysian society. Anwar's personality, his integrity and intellectual acumen became the focus of all issues.

Mahathir's startegy to contain, and finally remove Anwar from the equation, was conjured on simple imitation. He was going to follow the model of the sex scandals that engulfed President Bill Clinton in America. But Anwar's integrity could not be impugned simply by accusing him of sexual misdemeanours with buxom office interns. Such behavior was the norm in Malaysia political circles. No: to succeed, allegations against Anwar had to involve an enormity. They had to centre on what Malays, especially the rural obnoxious - homosexuality. A case against Anwar was painstakingly fabricated over two years, involving his driver, his adopted brother, and anyone else who could be framed. "

On Anwar's advice, Sardar had returned to London from Kuala Lumpur a few weeks before his arrest. ' Anyone associated with me is in danger,' he had said. Sardar was frantically chasing Anwar's influential friends in Europe and America, trying to get them to say and do something-anything. And this come with memory...

" Here was about 1492. We were being expelled from Spain. I kept on thinking about Ibn Hazm. No matter how open-minded and clever you are, he once said, authoritarianism always finds a way round. Pluralism and authoritarianism, Ibn Hazm asserted, are locked in eternal combat. A single megalomaniac can destroy a paradise it took decades or centuries to build. That's how Muslim Spain will be lost, Ibn Hazm had declared. And that's how Malaysia was dragged down. 

Thus, the dream country of Granada in Malaysia just does not want to be found!

p/s : I wish for this SPECIAL day 901, there will miracle happen and the Justice will be the winner!        

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